Ditt. pitch

Ditt. is not the only mastermind behind innovative and unconventional office projects. Others can also have great, refreshing ideas. And that’s why every year we organise the Ditt. pitch event, held on the second Thursday in January. It’s the perfect event for finding out about office design, getting inspired and meeting industry colleagues.

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The theme for the 2019 edition of the Ditt. pitch event will be Innovation. Among other things, the “The best office innovation of 2019” will be awarded. But that’s not all. You will be spoiled with fascinating updates, comedy and engaging speakers. And like every year, we will end the evening with drinks! The 2019 edition will be held on Thursday, the 11th of January.

Send us mail to info@ditt.nl and sign up here for the 2019 Ditt. Pitch!