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More about Ditt. Officemakers

We design and build offices and project furnishings that are often a little different from the rest. Fresh. Innovative. Creative. Inspiring. What we design and build may or may not appeal to you. Check out our projects here, then you’ll know right away if working with Ditt is right for your business. What you see is what you get. What you don’t see, we can make for you. Work with us if you are confident that we can realize your needs.

Nice to meet you

Jan Brink
Finance &

Mattijs Kaak
Business Development & Partner

 Nienke Schram
Business Development & Partner

Jacko Lodeweges
Business Development & Partner

Ross Colson
Business Development

The Art of Working Portfolio

We are proud of what we create and we like to show it. We regularly bundle our activities in a Ditt report and publish our annual portfolio. In our portfolio we show the projects of each past year. All that beauty is a cause for celebration every year! Curious about more? Read the latest editions below or request a hardcopy of our portfolio.
Results achieved in the past do give a guarantee for the future.