Project Manager
Roy Binneveld


The highest degree of sustainability is reuse.
You can certainly say that about this project.
Not only because of its monumental value but also because of the most recent redevelopment.
After being in use for 20 years by a law firm, it was vacated in August 2017.
We have renovated the building, taking into account the monumental exterior and special interior elements, and prepared for new use according to modern standards.
The building has been taken care of inside and outside and we have supervised and carried out all work on behalf of the owner.

Partly thanks to this thorough approach, unique appearance and central location, Spaces contracted for the exploitation of the project.
Together with them, the building has been developed into a modern multi-tenant building where this distinctive work concept comes into its own.

For example, an old pearl has been polished on an existing spot in the historic city center of Amsterdam, and many people are already working with pleasure.
From the first week of July, it is 100% in use and the new residents will be part of a piece of history in a building that can technically measure with the offices on the Zuidas.
That is really sustainable.

You book real successes together!
Of course this is not just a project by Ditt Officemakers.
The property is from Zurich and is managed by Obidos.
On behalf of Spaces, Maarten Jamin has signed for the interior design.
Ditt Officemakers has completely coordinated the project and was the main contractor for the completion.

Opgeleverd juli 2018
  • Bedrijfsverzamelgebouw / Multi-tenant van 3800m2
  • Milan Hoffman